What is a gite? Your guide to a unique holiday in France

What is a gite? Your guide to a unique holiday in France

What does a French gite look like?

When it comes to travel, few experiences can compete with the genuine nature of a gite stay. But what exactly is a gite? 

Originating from the Old French term “giste,” which refers to a shelter or place of rest, a gite is essentially a self-catering holiday rental property situated in the countryside or semi-rural regions of France. These inviting accommodations vary from quaint cottages to renovated farmhouses, each boasting its own blend of warmth, character, and individuality.

Characteristics of a gite


Contrasting with conventional hotels or resorts, gites embrace the bucolic splendor and unpretentiousness of country living. With their wooden beams and stone hearths on display, these lodgings exude an air of genuineness that transports visitors to a nostalgic time.

Home away from home

Gites are known for their intimate and homely atmosphere, providing guests with a true home away from home experience. Complete with fully stocked kitchens, inviting living areas, and secluded outdoor spaces, gites offer a level of comfort and familiarity that surpasses traditional lodging options to give that truly relaxed vibe.

Flexibility and privacy

Whether traveling alone, as a couple, or in a group, gites cater to all types of travelers, striking the balance between convenience and seclusion. From charming cottages to expansive estates, there is a gite perfect for every guest’s unique preferences.

Vegan fruit and yoghurt parfait pots on a breakfast buffet

Connection to nature

Immersed in the serene countryside or quaint villages, gites provide a tranquil escape from the chaotic city lifestyle. From waking up to the harmonious melodies of birds to exploring picturesque hiking paths through sunflower fields and vineyards, or simply basking in the serenity of the environment.

Personalised hospitality

Often, gite owners will live on-site (we do here at La Cour de Husson) and so can focus on tailored hospitality. We as gite hosts take pleasure in offering guests insider knowledge on must-see sights, local markets, and delectable dining options. Whether it’s coordinating a wine or cognac tasting at a nearby vineyard or arranging a cooking lesson with a talented chef, we always aim to create an unforgettable experience. We can also help with any issues that arise during your stay and are always on hand to ask about local tips.


Why choose a gite for your next getaway?

Immersive cultural experience

Staying in a gite allows you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of rural France, from sampling regional delicacies to participating in local festivals and traditions.


Compared to traditional hotels or resorts, gites often offer excellent value for money, especially for families or groups traveling together. With the option to cook your own meals and the flexibility to tailor your itinerary, you can enjoy a budget-friendly holiday without compromising on quality.

Freedom and flexibilty

Experience the ultimate flexibility with gites – they are the perfect vacation option with no rigid meal times or dress code for the restaurant. You can enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please, barbeque outside, swim in the pool, or kayak down the river. Gites are great whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway or a longer excursion.

The traditional French dish, ratatouille, that is accidentally vegan

French holiday gites FTW

Nowadays, we’re overrun with generic lodging whereas gites shine as a symbol of genuine character. You can indulge in an intimate couple’s retreat, an exciting family excursion, or a solo adventure – these charming holiday rentals provide an unparalleled chance to fully immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle of the French countryside. If you’re thinking of booking a holiday to France this year, discover a truly relaxing gite holiday for yourself – a one-of-a-kind experience waiting just off the beaten path.

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