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5 Route de Husson,

Charmé, France 16140

Getting to La Cour de Husson

There are great train services from nearby Luxé (10 minute drive from La Cour de Husson) or Ruffec (15 minute drive) with punctual train routes to the major nearby cities. 

Luxé > Angoulême – 10 minutes

Ruffec > Poitiers – 35 minutes

Angoulême > Bordeaux – 35 minutes

Angoulême > Paris – 1 hour 45 minutes

The 3 closest airports to La Cour de Husson are:

Poitiers – 50 minute drive

Limoges – 1 hour 20 minute drive

Bordeaux – 1 hour 50 minute drive

La Cour de Husson is situated a short distance to the N10 motorway which acts as one of the main routes down through France.

There is an EV charging point in our village (Charmé).

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